Just when I thought I had a handle on people… BOOM!

Turning 40 last year, I finally thought I had a handle on people and where they were coming from. But last week I found out that, NO, I did not have a handle on people and what they do. I thought all people had a sense of right and wrong — what’s good and bad — how to treat people — and a little thing called respect one another. But to my disappointment again, I saw all of these things happen in a matter of one week’s time.

The details of what happened are not important, but the outcome was the same. Just when I thought I could trust and see the good in people, the opposite happens. How do you overcome that? How does your opinion of what happend and the people involved change?

Like I said, I thought turning 40 would bring me all of this wisdom on dealing with these types of situations. Do I just file what happened as a learning experience and move on. Or do I try to find the reason behind what happened and try to fix it? Is it hopeless? Will I always feel let down by people? Or will I just keep moving on and try not to let them get the best of me?

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