Dancing With the Stars – The Women

Jennie GarthJosie MaranSabrina Bryan

Marie OsmondJane SeymourMelanie Brown

(Jennie Garth, Josie Maran, Sabrine Bryan, Marie Osmond, Melaine Brown and Jane Seymour)

Season Premiere (Mon Sept 24 8/7c)

Don’t miss the return of Dancing with the Stars in a special three night extravanga, with the women squaring off on Monday, the men on Tuesday, and an appearance by Savion Glover in the first results show on Wednesday!

Well the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars was on Monday night and it showcased the women. After an exciting start of the show, all 12 professional dancers performing. WOW — they were amazing.

Then the women performed. First up was my pick to win Season 5, Jennie Garth. She was OK, being the first dancer must have been tough and it showed a little. But overall she did well. I’ll give her one more week before I change my pick to who is going to win for this season.

Second was Josie Maran. I didn’t care for her performance that much. She would be my early pick to go first.

Third was Sabrina Bryan. She was an exciting dancer to watch. But like the judges said, she put a little too much of her style of dancing (hip-hop) into her routine and not enough of the ballroom dancing style.

Fourth was Marie Osmond. She was entertaining to watch. She brought her “Osmond” charm into her routine and it paid off. Not only did the judges like her, the crowd seemed to like her too.

Fifth was Melanie Brown. I was really surprised with her dancing. She performed her routine really well and I can’t wait to see her next week. But in the back of my head, she reminded me of Laila Ali. Well see how she does in the other dances.

And sixth was Jane Seymour. For being the oldest female dancer, she dances beautifully. The foxtrot was a perfect dance to showcase her style. Hopefully she will do as well in the Latin dances.

So after the show, I got online to vote for my favorites. I had only six votes and here is how I voted:

2 votes for Mel B. — 1 vote each for Jennie, Marie, Sabrina and Jane — 0 votes for Josie

Well see how the women did on Wednesday’s results show. Tuesday night is the men’s night. I can’t wait to see if they do as well as the women.

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