Dancing with the Stars – The Men

Cameron MathisonAlbert ReedFloyd Mayweather

Mark CubanHelio CastronevesAlbert Reed


Well the men took the spotlight on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday night.

I was surprised on how well most of them did. One thing that did come through from their dancing was it looked like they were having fun.

Here is my breakdown of the men:

Helio Castroneves — I really liked Helio. I liked his dancing style and he seemed like a really nice guy on the interview before they danced.


Mark Cuban is in a class of his own. He was sure entertaining considering that he’s not in the entertainment field. He seemed to really enjoy himself out on the dance floor. You should check out his blog site: Blog Maverick about him being on Dancing with the Stars.

Cameron Mathison is my niece’s pick to win. As she puts it “he’s hot!” Well for being the first dance of the night, he did pretty well. I think if he makes it further on in the show, he will only get better. So maybe my niece known what she’s talking about.

Floyd Mayweather — He was my least favorite of the night. He may have style and some dance moves, but they weren’t the right ones for Dancing with the Stars.

Wayne Newton — Mr. Las Vegas did OK. I thought he would do a lot better considering that he’s a performer and has been doing that since he was young. But he looked a little stiff on the dance floor. I don’t think it has anything to do with his age, he just didn’t look like he belonged out there.

Albert Reed was fun to watch, he reminds be of Billy Ray from last season. No dancing skills, but sure is fun to watch. He definitely played on his good looks while dancing on the floor. The crowd and judges seem to like it. I just hope they don’t keep him on the show just for that reason.

Here is how I voted:

2 votes for Helio — 1 vote each for Mark, Cameron, Albert and Wayne — 0 votes for Floyd

So for the results show on Wednesday night, I think Josie will be the first to be vote off the show.

Dancing with the Stars website.

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