The Latest from ‘Danicing with the Stars’: Who Trip the Light Fantastic, and who has two left feet?



Josie Maran

The curse of the supermodel: The couple with the lowest overall score was, as expected, Josie Maran and Alec Mazo. Not really an undeserving exit for the two, but they had some stiff competition for the bottom spot in Mark Cuban and Kym Johnson. Still, Josie’s poor showing outperformed many week-one dances from seasons past; her lack of fame probably hurt her more than anything else. But pity the unfortunate Alec, who for the second season in a row, exited in the first week with a supermodel partner. They were even played out to the song “Drive,” the music video for which featured his ex-partner Paulina Porizkova. Talk about rubbing it in.

Sabrina Bryan

But can she waltz? The judges picked their favorites to dance again on the results show, and they unanimously chose the highest night-one scorers ever, Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas. Len Goodman referred to their dance as “possibly the best cha-cha-cha we’ve ever seen.” That may be overhyping them a little, but their repeat performance did impress. Sabrina has some amazing leg movements for someone who lacks a classic dancer’s body. Of course, she also has plenty of non-ballroom training behind her, so she’s a bit of a ringer. It should be interesting to see how her high-energy ways work with the slower, more elegant routines.

Helio Castroneves

Season four redux: Alec may not be the only pro feeling a little déja vu. Julianne Hough won last season when paired with Apolo Anton Ohno, and things could shape up much the same for her this time with Helio Castroneves. Sure, Sabrina’s in the spotlight for now, but Helio may prove more versatile and likable in the long run. Even host Tom Bergeron said the racer “raised the competition to a whole new level.”

Jane Seymour

Get used to grace: Viewers must has enjoyed the class and grace Jane Seymour and partner Tony Dovolani delivered Monday night, since their combined score kept them around for another week. And what’s not to like? At 56, Jane is the oldest woman to ever compete on the show, but she danced circles around much of her competition. Plus the pair ranks high on personality. They seem to like each other as much as the audience likes them.

Floyd Mayweather

Can’t be the best at everything: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. wasn’t just the bookies’ favorite before the show began; he was the one guy the other male celebs saw as a threat. Well, he remains undefeated in the ring, but Floyd took a pounding from the judges on his “Dancing with the Stars” debut. Luckily for him and Karina Smirnoff, the fans at home didn’t side with the officials. Besides, Floyd still seems confident, declaring that they “tore it up!” Now if he can just approach Karina more like a partner and less like an opponent, they have a fair shot.

Albert Reed

Do it yourself: Albert Reed found an interesting solution to the drawback of joining the show sans fan base — he just created one on Tuesday night. The adorkable approach played well for him and Anna Trebunskaya. Knowing how to work the crowd, Albert promised his future routines would “keep it fun and keep it sassy.” And it wouldn’t hurt to stick with the chest-baring shirts, either.


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