Dancing With the Stars – Week 8


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While I was watching tonight’s Dancing with the Stars, I was surprised how much I am into the show. After the first commercial break, I turned on my computer and went to the abc.com website to get ready vote.

First up were Jennie and Derek – Is my pick before the show started breaking out? Not really. The judges were right saying that she is almost there at the next level.

Cameron and Edyta – Their first dance, I had a hard time watching because of Edyta’s dress. I think that was the most material she has ever worn in a costume on the show. They did alright, but I am just not a fan of theirs.

Marie and Jonathan – It was hard to not like Marie and Jonathan’s dance routine. If anything comes from her being on the show, she looks better and better each week.

Helio and Julianne – Holy cow did you see their second dance… WOW! I loved it. I was really surprised with the kiss that Helio planted on Julianne. It looked like she was not expecting it at all. I think Helio is another Apolo, he just might make it to the finals and take home the trophy.

Mel and Maks – I think they will be in the finals with Helio and Julianne. I love it when they dance the Latin dances. They make a great pair together, but I think she is another Joey from last season. Because she’s a professional and in the entertainment field and Helio is not.

Helio and Julianne – deserved to take the top spot. And Mel and Maks were fun to watch too!

So my pick for the next team to go home: Cameron and Edyta. (Sorry Pamela (my niece) this was her pick at the start of the season.)

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