DWTS – The Results

I’m sitting at my desk watching Dancing with the Stars – The Results. I knew my votes counted for nothing because, when I was voting last might I thought I had five votes. So I voted for all of them and then I was going to use my last vote on Heilo. But when I tried to use my last vote, I was disappointed that I had already used all of my votes. Opps…

So now I am watching The Results Show…

They come back from a commercial and get ready to announce who the first star will be coming back… it’s Marie and Jonathan! I was SHOCKED!!


Now I am trying to figure out who is going to be voted off, since Marie was my pick to leave this week.

So who’s going to be voted off? Helio? Mel? Jennie? Do I go with my pick from the beginning of the season — Jennie? Or do I pick Helio who has charmed his way into the semi-finals?

OK, they are ready to pick another couple to go to the finals… the 2nd couple dancing in the finals is… Mel and Max. I think we could see that one coming. My only problem with Mel B. is that she is already a performer and she “dances” with The Spice Girls. So how much of a challenge was this for her?


So now it’s down to Jennie and Derek vs. Helio and Julianne.

So my pick on who is going to be voted off is Jennie and Derek — yes, my pick to win it all at the start of the season.


Jennie Garth’s Dancing With the Stars Blog

So that leaves Marie, Mel and Helio in the finals. And my pick to win it all…

Helio and Julianne

Helio and Julianne

I am really surprised on how much I talk about this show with my family. It is nice to have something fun to talk to them about.

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