Dancing with the Stars – The Finals


Well, tonight is the finals of Dancing with the Stars…

And my pick as the winner is…

Like I mentioned before, I am surprised on how hooked I got on Dancing with the Stars this season. From writing about it on my blog or calling my family before and after the show. I got carried away with the show.

My first pre-show pick to win was Jennie Garth and my dark horse pick was Mark Cuban. Well as we can see, those two are not in the final. So that only leaves Marie, Mel and Helio. Two of them (Marie and Mel) are professional performers and one (Helio) is an athlete, so does that give the advantage to the professional performer? And does having a great professional partner, like Julianne, make you (Helio) look good?

And is there a difference on who the better dancer is and who has a larger fan base? I saw an e-mail from the Donny Osmond fan club and it had note on it to vote for Marie. If you go and look on the other Osmond websites, it mentions something about voting for Marie and Jonathan. So whoever has the most fans calling in, wins?

I guess we will never know if it’s a talent show or a popularity contest. One thing for sure, it was sure entertaining to watch these past couple of weeks!

So my pick to win Dancing with the Stars Season 5 is…

Mel B. and Maks

And I can not wait till next season!!

One Response

  1. Yeah omg i wish she wins. And did you see marie osmonds freakin free style and her doll dress. she looked like a 5 year old prostitude

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