Steve Martin – King Tut

This is Steve Martin performing his song “King Tut”. This is one of my favorites from Steve Martin.

Rant: Idiot drivers!

Was trying to write something clever about Idiot drivers and I saw this blog. So I thought I would just share it with you.

(This was on Jimmy the Geek site, I am just sharing it with you all. I take no credit in writing any of it!)


Driver01 Where did they get their drivers license… a Cracker Jack box?

We’ve all seen them. Those stupid drivers that make our commute… er… interesting. And why do I always end up behind them? Either I’m very lucky or there’s a bunch of them out there. Now, I’m not the perfect driver, but come on… there are some real bozos out there.

My typical commute to/from work is less than ten miles on surface streets, yet I see at least two or three instances a day of stupid moves in the road. Here’s just a short list…

Driver04_1There’s the guy who MUST be in the left (fast) lane even though he’s doing 35mph in a 50mph zone and the traffic in the right lane is passing him. I’m starting to flash my lights at them, but they’re usually totally oblivious to their surroundings.

Or in heavy traffic, the guy that stops ten car lengths behind the car in front of him. When the light changes, he takes his sweet time getting rolling and causes several folks to miss the light. Grrrrr.

How about the two slow drivers that get side-by-side and pace each other. The road is usually wide open in front of them. Totally oblivious.

Driver02_1 Or the person who must imagine a plane crashing just ahead of them. The brake lights come on for absolutely no reason. In turn, that causes a chain reaction of brake lights and slows traffic so everyone can look for whatever happened.

How about the guy that’s reading some sort of document while driving. Or sitting at a traffic light so you have to honk at them to go after the light changes to green.

I won’t even get into the cell phone incidents. But usually there’s a cell phone involved if someone is driving in the twilight zone. – All The News That’s Fun To Print

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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Guy

From: MSN Lifestyle

I thought this was interesting.

Here’s a look at 10 things women say that drive men nuts.

1) “That looks cute.”

For the most part, men hate cute. We don’t want to hear about it, we don’t want to see it, and we sure as hell don’t want to be it. If we come down stairs after getting dressed and you tell us we look cute, there’s a 100 percent chance we’re changing. We’re supposed to be your protector, your rock, and cute does not fit into that picture.

2) “We need to talk.”

These four words shut off a man’s brain faster than long division. When men hear you say that they immediately go into flight mode. And anything they can do to get out of this conversation—and better yet, your apartment—they will. There are plenty of other ways to approach a delicate conversation, and getting us in a place where we feel comfortable is a good start.

3) “It’s just a game.”

Actually, it’s not just a game. Sports are a major part of our lives and the outcome has as much to do with our mood as just about anything else. Is it fair? No. Is it right? No. Is it immature? Maybe. But it’s life. Sometimes we just care too much. We understand that it doesn’t make sense, but you should be happy that we’re that passionate about something. Telling us that “it’s just a game” is like us telling you that Oprah’s just a talk show host.

4) “Nothing’s wrong.”

Please don’t tell us nothing’s wrong. The look on your face could make the toughest guy on the planet weep like a third-grade girl and your arms are crossed so tight you might explode. We’re not mind readers; tell us what’s going on. And don’t make us guess because—believe me—you won’t like what we come up with.

5) “I sound like my mom.”

The mere fact that you might turn into your mom someday scares the hell out of us. Don’t say it, even in jest—it’s not funny. We actually believe (and pray) that the saying “every woman ends up looking like their mother” is an old wives’ tale. If we didn’t, no one would ever get married.

6) “I just want to be friends.”

No you don’t. You just want us to stop calling you. This is a lot like pulling off a band-aid. Do it quick—don’t prolong the agony. Most of us take “I just want to be friends” as “There’s still a chance,” so if there isn’t just make it a clean break and move on. Everyone will be much better because of it.

7) “Size doesn’t matter.”

Don’t lie to us. We know it does, and we’re doing our best to make up for it in other ways. It’s best just to not say anything at all.

8) “What are you wearing?”

We’re wearing whatever’s clean or whatever you tell us to. We don’t plan out our wardrobe days in advance, but we do actually try and look presentable. It may not work a lot of the time, but we do give it a shot. Giving us direction is completely encouraged though, so go ahead and suggest … nicely.

9) “Do you think she’s pretty?”

Of course we do, our standards are much lower than yours. But just because we check her out doesn’t mean we think any less of you. We try to be as discreet as possible, but for the most part, we can’t help it. It’s in our DNA. When an attractive woman walks by, it’s best to just pretend nothing happened.

10) “Which outfit do you like better?”

I’m going to be honest here—90 percent of the guys out there are not going to tell you which outfit they like better: They’re going to try to pick the one you like better and not get into a holy war when the babysitter is due any minute. To us, you always look good. Getting a couple cocktails and spending as much time as we can without the kids is our ultimate goal for a rare night out.

As you all know, I work at ServerBeach. I think during my interview process, they told me that one of the sites that they hosted was YouTube.

As a farewell to YouTube, some of the staff made this video especially for them.

Great job to everyone involved with the video! Things like this make ServerBeach a great place to work.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman

From: MSN Lifestyle

I thought this was interesting.

Here are 10 things most women don’t want to hear:

1) “What did you do to your hair?”

Unless we’ve cut our own hair—this is not common—someone else did something to our hair. It wasn’t us. And most likely we’ve gone to a lot of trouble and expense for it. “I like your new haircut” is infinitely better, and shows you’re paying attention. It’s also far superior to the generic “You look different,” which tells us you’re as clueless as ever.

2) “They both look the same to me.”

We understand you care a lot less than we do about the outfits or the registry dishware we’re asking you to compare. But they can’t possibly look exactly the same, can they? Give us something. Anything. Mentally roll the dice and pick one, so we don’t worry about your vision—or worse, that you don’t care.

3) “Relax.”

A kissing cousin to “Don’t get so worked up,” this generally creates the exact opposite effect you’re shooting for. When you say “Relax,” what we hear is that you think that we’re being irrational over nothing, and this makes us do anything but relax.

4) “I’ve got it all under control.”

Ha! Famous last words. Refrain from using them if you don’t want us to take fiendish delight in your getting lost because you won’t stop for directions (if we’re late, there will be fiendish fuming), or because you’re missing a piece to your flat-screen television because you said you didn’t need to read the assembly instructions.

5) “You’re not one of those feminists, are you?”

Yikes. Chivalry may be nearly dead, but saying this will drive the last spear through its heart. Feminist or not, a woman is likely to be offended by the question. Just be yourself. Be kind, open the door, offer to pay, and go from there. We can choose to accept or share in your generosity.

6) “When are you due?”

Take one second to imagine a woman turning to you and responding, “I’m not pregnant,” or “I had the baby six months ago,” and you’ll understand why you should eradicate this question from your vocabulary. In one nanosecond, innocent—even considerate—curiosity can turn to deadly, if unintentional, offense. And there’s just no way to recover from this one.

7) “You’re being emotional.”

In the heat of the moment this may be true. But unless you want your partner to become more emotional or get angry, you’re better off keeping this observation and its off-limits follow-up question—”Is it that time of month?”—to yourself.

8) “You’re acting just like your mother/my mother/my ex-girlfriend.”

All three are problematic. An ex should be mentioned sparingly, and never in comparison. Why would we want to remind you of a person you broke up with? And come to mention it, why are you thinking about her? You see the slippery slope. Conjuring an image of our mother or your mother can be equally grating. We want you to treat us as individuals and not as mere products of your (or our) upbringing.

9) “You complete me.”

We’ve seen “Jerry Maguire” and most other romantic comedies far more often than you, and while we may (or may not) like cheesy movie lines, they usually fail in real life. We understand that the possibility of romance makes inexplicable things come out of a man’s—and sometimes a woman’s—mouth, but keep the compliments real and honest and sincere and say you love someone when you mean it.

10) “Do you really think you should be eating that?”

Yes. She should be eating it. Even if she told you she’s given it up.

Calling Elvis Fans

I am still surprised that someone other than myself reads my blog!

I got a posting from Johnny and he posted two links:

Now, you know how much I love Elvis (from a previous post), so I was excited about taking a look at these two sights. I’ve seen a couple of Elvis impersonators, Eddie Miles (twice) and The Elvis Birthday Tribute in Louisville, Kentucky (check out Ryan Pelton). And I loved them.

So after looking at the sites Johnny sent me, I am now trying to find out where around San Antonio, Texas and looking for other Elvis’ fans.

So if there is anyone out there, who loves Elvis as much as I do, let me know.

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