80’s Music

Well, in one of my posts 5 Things About Sylvia this in one of things I wrote about myself…

5) But on the other hand… I am pretty good at 80’s music trivia. Give me a few words to a song from the 80’s and I can probably tell you what song it is and who sang it. Sometimes, I can even give you the year it came out (I picture when it came out on MTV.)

Well, my nice friend, Deb (Debbie Meyer), who I stole borrowed the idea from has been testing me on my 80’s music knowledge.

First she asks me to name the song with this lyric: “My God, what have I done?EASY!!

It’s from the song “Once in a Lifetime” is a song by Talking Heads. David Byrne making sudden flings of his arm is the best!

One of my top 100 songs from the 80’s. So I was feeling pretty good thinking that I could name songs from the 80’s.

Well… Deb, my friend, had to challenge me again. This time is was what song are these lyrics from “Crying in the night with the summer in her eyes tonight.

So after thinking about it most of the morning and going through my 80’s music folder on my iPod, I had to Google the song. And this is what I found — it’s from a song called Fantastic Day by Haircut 100.

How is anyone (besides Deb) suppose to know that song?? I thought Haircut 100 had only two songs: “Love Plus One” and Favourite Shirts – Boy Meets Girl“. Those were the only songs I ever played when I had the album.

So I may not get every 80’s song, but I know if I was on Jeopardy! or playing Trivial Pursuit, I would do better than most people. And if I was Name That Tune, I could name that tune in three notes! 8)

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