DWTS Week 2 – The Results

Well, I was half watching Dancing With the Stars — The Results show tonight and I was wrong on who was going to be voted off the show. I picked Cloris Leachman and Corky Ballas. They were in the bottom two couples along with Kim Kardashian and Mark Ballas.

I was already for them to announce that Cloris and Corky danced their last dance. But no… they said Kim and Mark’s names. To say the least, I was a little shocked. I didn’t think Kim and Mark would go very far, but they were better than Cloris and Corky.

I know there must be people out there who say that seeing an 82 year old Cloris Leachman dancing is something to be cheered about. But I think she is more of a joke than anything else. Here are some of the other comments from the DWTS Live Blog:

robynmcgarryCloris….Ok, great talent…in many other areas! This is NOT Fan Club of the Stars, it’s DANCING with the Stars. Probably means you need to be able to, uh, let’s see..move? At least this week she wasn’t being the complete buffoon, but please don’t subject us to this. Is there any possibility that the future may hold negative voting??? Wayne Newton outlasted his ability because of “popular vote” but at least he treated the entire process with respect and good humor. This has been a traversity of a mockery of a sham…or is it a mockery of a traversity of a sham?

bjlayerThis is crazy. What are the voters thinking? Cloris was a great actress and comedian in her day, but she is not a DANCER! There is no room in this kind of program for a pity or nostalgia vote. Let’s vote for the best DANCERS!!

tammycryskampEnough Already. I can’t believe they have not gotten Cloris Leachman off. The woman can’t dance and she’s making a mockery of Dancing with the Stars. I’ve watched this program since the beginning and for the first time, I’m thinking of not watching the rest of this season. To get rid of two legitimate couples who could dance and keep her on the show is ridiculous.

I agree with most of them. If this continues, I might just watch Fringe on FOX and catch up with the results online. And if Jessica Simpson is on the show again, I will definitely be watching the results online.


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  1. I agree! cloris cannot dance! but doesnt anyone enjoy a little humoe,in between?I think that she[&wayne newton] brought a little humor to the show and I really enjoy that once in a while! we all know she will not make it past another week or so so just bear with it and let cloris&some of us enjoy it!

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