Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys



When I was checking out the games that were going to play in week in the NFL, I had a flashback when I saw that the Dallas Cowboys were going to play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh.

The flashback was from when I was in the third or fourth grade at Van Slyke Elementary School in Flint, Michigan. The Steelers and the Cowboys were playing and my teacher had the class bet on who was going to win that game. The prize was that the one’s who lost had to be the servant (slave) to the people who picked the winning team. Even at a young age, I was always a fan of anyone who played against the Cowboys. Not sure why I didn’t like the Cowboys at such an early age? Was it because the were and are considered “America’s Team”? Or if I liked Pittsburg’s QB Terry Bradshaw than Dallas’s QB Roger Staubach? Or if I liked Pittsburg’s logo better than Dallas’s logo? Or was it because my younger brother, Joe, liked Dallas and being his sister, I had to like the team he didn’t like?

Needless to say, I picked the Steelers and I was the servant to about 4 of my fellow classmates. I remember that I had to hold the button down at the water fountain for them. I just have that image of me just standing there while everyone had their laughs at the one’s who picked the Steelers.

So now as an adult and a born Michigander, my first choice will always be the Detroit Lions. (But we know how well they are doing this year). Then my second choice will always be anyone who plays against the Cowboys. And living living here in Texas, that can be kind of dangerous. 🙂 If I could handle it when I was a little kid, I can handle it now — that’s how I roll!

So this Sunday, I will be checking out the scores and be cheering for the Steelers to beat the Cowboys, just as I did when I was in the elementary school!

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