All My Faves — Check this site out

You all know how much I love All My Faves and the weekly faves I get from them. This is one of the sites on this weeks faves. If you have some time and if you think you know your music, you need to check it out.

JamsBio – Music has the power to unite people of all stripes because no matter their age or background, everyone loves music and we all have stories to share about the music that has defined and continues to define our lives. JamsBio is a music social community, a destination for people to meet, reconnect, or simply stay in touch by sharing the story of their life through music. Sounds and music, as you know, are ever-loyal partners that has been following us from our cradle days. Music is a vast colorful spectrum where each and every one of us can find a specific niche, and even in that particular niche one is bound to find like-minded people and create groups. My personal faves in this site include: Best Question Songs and Albums that changed my life for the better. I definitely see how people can communicate by using this platform.

The game that has been kicking my but is: SongBlitz (Drag album covers to the correct spot on the board. Click DONE to start playing the next song. Points: Correct answers = +30, Mistakes = -15, Skips = 0. Points awarded for finishing early. (x2 and x3 points for “Intermediate” and “Expert” levels)

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