What I’ve been listenting to this week on my iPod…

Lately, I have been looking for some songs that I have heard on TV or on Sirius XM radio. One of those songs is “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne.

Not sure where I first heard this song, but it stuck with me. His sound is unique, but it also reminds me of other singers too. His songs have been featured on the television show “ER”, “One Tree Hill“,”Bones” and the song “You Are the Best Thing” was featured in the movie I Love You, Man.

Ray LaMontagne is particularly known for his raspy voice, which he claims to have learned by singing through his gut and not his nose. LaMontagne claims that he is highly influenced by Stephen Stills, Richard Manuel, and Rick Danko. Critics have compared LaMontagne’s music to that of The Band, Van Morrison, Nick Drake, and Tim Buckley. (from Wikipedia)

Here is a live on Late Night with Conan O’Brien (originally aired October 15, 2008.)

Small town in Texas

The other day I was driving to work and I noticed something on the side of the road. Now, since I have moved to Von Ormy, Texas, a small town about 16 miles SW of San Antonio, Texas, I have seen many different things along the side of the road.

I’ve seen the usual suspects along the roadside (dead and alive): dogs, skunks and wild boars. Wild boars… that was a first for me. I have also seen chicken, horses, sheep, goats and cows on my way home. But the other day I saw a peacock! Do they live in the wild? Do they fly? Was it someone’s pet peacock? If I had a little more time, I would have pulled over and took a picture of it.


Now I like living in the country, but I’m not sure about all the wildlife around me. Hopefully the roadrunners that were in our yard last year will come back for a visit. They are not what I expected, they are short and they don’t have any ACME products with them.

As long as all of this wildlife stays away from me, we will live in harmony. And that goes for those little lizard creatures that love to scare me at night when they run around in the kitchen!

E*Trade Commericals

ETrade Baby

I have always liked the E*Trade commericals that star the baby and friends. I search on YouTube for the commericals and found some funny ones. Here is one — “Exclusive outtakes footage of the E*TRADE Baby and friends“.

I thought it was pretty funny! Another one of the E*Trade commericals that I like is the golf one… “Shankopotomas“! I hope that E*Trade will be making more of these commericals in the future.

And if you need even more of the E*Trade baby, he is even on Twitter: etradebaby is using Twitter.

Have you gotten this chain e-mail yet?

I have blogged before about my fascination with “chain e-mails”. I this one from my cousin Monica and was wondering if anyone else got it.

Read Alone…. Especially the Poem (what a title to get you to read it…)

I believe whatever is in store for us will be for us.

The poem is very true, unfortunately. Make sure you read the poem!

CASE 1: Kelly Sedey had one wish, for her boyfriend of three years, David Marsden, to propose to her. Then one day when she was out to lunch David proposed! She accepted, but then had to leave because she had a meeting in 20 min.

When she got to her office, she noticed on her computer she had some e-mail’s. She checked it, the usual stuff from her friends, but then she saw one that she had never gotten before.

It was this poem. She simply deleted it without even reading all of it.

BIG MISTAKE! Later that evening, she received a phone call from the police. It was about DAVID! He had been in an accident with an 18 wheeler. He didn’t survive!

CASE 2: Take Katie Robinson She received this poem and being the believer that she was she sent it to a few of her friends but didn’t have enough e-mail addresses to send out the full 5 that you must.

Three days later, Katie went to a masquerade ball. Later that night when she left to get to her car, she was killed in that spot by a hit-and-run drunk driver.

CASE 3: Richard S. Willis sent this poem out within 45 minutes of reading it Not even 4 hours later walking along the street to his new job interview with a really big company, when he ran into Cynthia Bell, his secret love for 5 years. Cynthia came up to him and told him of her passionate crush on him that she had had for 2 years.

Three days later, he proposed to her and they got married. Cynthia and Richard are still  married with three children, happy as ever!

This is the poem:

Around the corner I have a friend,

In this great city that has no end,

Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,

And before I know it, a year is gone.

And I never see my old friends face,

For life is a swift and terrible race,

He knows I like him just as well,

As in the days when I rang his bell.

And he rang mine but we were younger then,

And now we are busy, tired men.

Tired of playing a foolish game,

Tired of trying to make a name.

Just to show that I’m thinking of him.’

But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,

And distance between us grows and grows.

Around the corner, yet miles away,

And that’s what we get and deserve in the end

Around the corner, a vanished friend.

Remember to always say what you mean.

If you love someone, tell them.

Because when you decide that it is the right time it might be too late.

Seize the day. Never have regrets.

And most importantly, stay close to your friends

and family, for they have helped

make you the person that you are today.

You   must send this on in 3 hours after reading the letter to 10 other people.

If you do this, you will receive unbelievably good luck.


the more people that you send this to, the better luck you will have.

SMILE, even through your tears!!

Nice poem. So of cource after reading it, I sent it out to 10 people… we’ll see if anything happens?

Oh Dear Lord, I watched another stupid movie…


The movie that I am talking about is… “Killer Wave” staring Tom Skerritt, Angus MacFadyen, Karine Vanasse. It was on TV late Monday night, so I was only able to watch 1/2 of it. After watching 1/2 of it, I almost didn’t want to record the rest of the movie. But I had to know how the stupid movie ended, so I recored the rest. I finished the following evening and to say the least… it was a bad movie!!

I suppose one of the main reasons to watch this movie was to see Angus MacFadyden in it. I have never heard of this actor before and I read that he was best know as Robert the Bruce in Braveheart (1995) — haven’t seen this movie. But I just did see what the big whoop was about Angus MacFadyen!


Plot summary for “Killer Wave” (2007)

Suddenly the US east coast is hit by a type of natural disaster formerly reserved, except after a major earthquake, for the Pacific and Indian ocean rims: tidal waves of the destructive tsunami type. Scientist and fiction author John McAdams attends a national emergency conference which concludes the phenomenon must me man-made, quite possibly abusing the findings of John’s secret former Sea Lion project, but who wants to and has the means? Indeed John soon finds himself set-up for a murder and chased. Major destructions mean major contracts for construction and coastal defenses, so building tycoons like Victor Bannister certainly have a considerable interest… Written by KGF Vissers

Lucky for us, YouTube has a clip of the trailer for the movie. Take a look at it and tell me what you think.

I wish I had a dime (OK… a dollar) for every bad movie that I have wasted my time on. At least this one was on TV and I didn’t have to pay to see this movie. I would have been really mad if I had paid to see this movie — just kidding! I have even looked at some of the comments made by Joe Public on this movie:

This movie takes the cake – Never before have I seen such a load of rubbish … this movie is only for the brain dead! All I can say is dont waste your time watching this B grade movie with the worst acting and crappy camera shots!!
Submitted by Warren (Sydney)

I need to remember movies like this one when I start watching another stupid movie…

Graduation Picture

Brad and Grandparents - Graduation

Here is a picture of my nephew Brad with my parents (his grandparent) in Lexington after his graduation from University of Kentucky. As his aunt, I am so proud of him and I had to share it with everyone!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

I am borrowing this from my friend Art,

As we enjoy the festivities this weekend, take the time to remember what Memorial Day is all about. Thank you to all our service personnel, past and present.

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