What I’ve been listening to this week on my iPod…

As you can tell by my blog postings, I really like watching Dancing with the Stars — Season 8. And not only do I watch the show, but I try to get the music that the couples dance.

One of the songs in this week’s show was “Concrete and Clay“—Unit 4+1. It was a #1 song in 1965 and #28 in the US. Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower danced to one of their dance to this song. I have never heard that song before and I quickly had to find it. So I Googled it and looked for it on YouTube and I found it!

“…The arrangement has a pronounced Latin influence, using acoustic guitars and a bossa nova beat” (from Wikipedia). I have no idea what a bossa nova beat is, but I like it. The song reminds me of songs by The Beau Brummels, The Dave Clark Five and Roy Head.

So far I have seen the video on YouTube at least a dozen times since Monday and at least 20 times on my iPod at work. There is just something about the song I really like. It reminds me of songs from the

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