Oh Dear Lord, I watched another stupid movie…


The movie that I am talking about is… “Killer Wave” staring Tom Skerritt, Angus MacFadyen, Karine Vanasse. It was on TV late Monday night, so I was only able to watch 1/2 of it. After watching 1/2 of it, I almost didn’t want to record the rest of the movie. But I had to know how the stupid movie ended, so I recored the rest. I finished the following evening and to say the least… it was a bad movie!!

I suppose one of the main reasons to watch this movie was to see Angus MacFadyden in it. I have never heard of this actor before and I read that he was best know as Robert the Bruce in Braveheart (1995) — haven’t seen this movie. But I just did see what the big whoop was about Angus MacFadyen!


Plot summary for “Killer Wave” (2007)

Suddenly the US east coast is hit by a type of natural disaster formerly reserved, except after a major earthquake, for the Pacific and Indian ocean rims: tidal waves of the destructive tsunami type. Scientist and fiction author John McAdams attends a national emergency conference which concludes the phenomenon must me man-made, quite possibly abusing the findings of John’s secret former Sea Lion project, but who wants to and has the means? Indeed John soon finds himself set-up for a murder and chased. Major destructions mean major contracts for construction and coastal defenses, so building tycoons like Victor Bannister certainly have a considerable interest… Written by KGF Vissers

Lucky for us, YouTube has a clip of the trailer for the movie. Take a look at it and tell me what you think.

I wish I had a dime (OK… a dollar) for every bad movie that I have wasted my time on. At least this one was on TV and I didn’t have to pay to see this movie. I would have been really mad if I had paid to see this movie — just kidding! I have even looked at some of the comments made by Joe Public on this movie:

This movie takes the cake – Never before have I seen such a load of rubbish … this movie is only for the brain dead! All I can say is dont waste your time watching this B grade movie with the worst acting and crappy camera shots!!
Submitted by Warren (Sydney)

I need to remember movies like this one when I start watching another stupid movie…


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