Favorite TV Shows

Since I enjoy watching TV, I’m glad there are some good shows on TV this season. Here are some of my favorite shows that I am watching now:

Two shows are on the SyFy channel: Eureka and Warehouse 13
Two shows are on the USA Newtowk channel: Psych and Royal Pains

I missed watching the first season of both Eureka and Psych, but I have been a loyal fan of the show after the first season. Each show is unique and have interesting story lines.

All of the actors in all four shows are perfect for the parts they play. In Psych, James Roday as Shawn Spencer and Dulé Hill as  Burton “Gus” Guster are the best team on TV since Starsky and Hutch. he only problem I have with this show is that I always miss the damn pineapple!

USA also offers a contest for each episode online in which you have to see the episode and find the “hidden pineapple” and submit your entry online.

This past week on Royal Pains, Andrew McCarthy was on there. I have liked him since he was in St. Elmo’s Fire and Pretty in Pink in the 1980’s. So any show that he’s in, I’m going to watch it. (I even sat throught Lipstick Jungle becasue he was in it).

On Eureka, how can you not love Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter. But I think my favorite characters on the show is Neil Grayston as Dr. Douglas Fargo. That episode when Eureka hosts long-term rival Area 51 (“It’s Not Easy Being Green“) was hilarious.

And the newest show to this foursome is Warehouse 13. I like how the directors describe the show:

“part The X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting.”

The main characters Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock make an interesting team. One is by the book (Kelly) and the other is the ule-bender (McClintock). So far I have seen ever episode and have liked them. Hopefully it will get a chance to be around for another season.

One thing that I like about the SyFy and USA channel is that they will show the shows are again during the week. That way I can catch anything that I missed the first time that I saw the show.

So I am glad that there is some good shows on TV, since it is one of my hobbies!

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