I finally got the chance to see the “Weird Al” Yankovic – “Ringtone” video on YouTube.

And it got me thinking about the ringtones that I have on my cell phone. Here are the ringtones that I have for certain people on my cell phone:

My niece Pamela — Theme song from “I Dream of Jeannie” (Going to have to change it to University of South Carolina’s Fight Song, she is a Freshman there is year).

My nephew Brad — University of Kentucky Fight Song (he graduated from there in 2004)

My Aunt Pat — Theme song from “Wonder Woman

My brother Joe — Theme song from “Sanford and Son” (Still shocked that this song was done by Quincy Jones – “The Streetbeater”)

My family — El Mariachi Loco” (If you knew my family, you would understand why I picked this song).

Most everyone else — Theme song from “Good Times

As you can tell, I am a product of televisions shows, it was my babysitter when I was growing up and one of something I enjoy doing as an adult.

Now I’m going to have to some new ringtones to add to  my rotation. Any suggestions?


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