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“The House of Tomorrow” by Tex Avery

I had a major flashback of some of the cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid. Do you remember this one —  “The House of Tomorrow” (1949) by Tex Avery? I remember wanting a house like that when I got older! I can’t believe this cartoon was made in 1949! (I saw it in the 70’s… I’m not that old!)

Some of the things I liked in the cartoon were:

“The House of Tomorrow”, completely “re-fabricated and ready to set up” (all in one little wrapped up gift).
an “automatic sandwich-maker” that cuts salami and loaf of bread and throws each sandwiches to the dishes.
a frying pan that contains a small mallet to prevent the frying bacon from curling-up.
a sun-lamp that helps people turn rich golden brown on both sides with a large spatula.

Here are some more great cartoons by Tex Avery:

“The Farm of Tomorrow” (1954)

T.V. Of Tomorrow (1953)

and who could forget “The Flea Circus” (1954)

I have no idea why this popped in my mind today, but I glad that there is YouTube so I can see these classics again and again!

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