Fannie May Candies

I got an e-mail today and it was about Fannie May Candies. Hmmm… chocolate!! Not sure why I got this e-mail, I have never ordered anything from Fannie May Candies. But it didn’t stop me from checking out the Fannie May Candies website. As I was looking at the website, I found one of my favorite candies that they make —

FrenchNougatFrench Nougat: Pink nougat center with fruit and nut pieces coated in milk chocolate.

The only Fannie May Candies store I know of is in the Courtland Center in Burton, Michigan. I remember going into that store when I was a kid and just looking at the candy in the display. I think the only time I ever got Fannie May Candies was when they were on clearance after Valentine’s Day. I loved those little boxes of chocolates and trying to figure out what kind of chocolates were in them.

My technique in eating a box of chocolates started off with picking out the milk chocolate ones first. Then out of those, I would take a little bite of the candy to figure out what kind it was. If it was coconut, caramel or toffee, I was happy. But if it was a creamed filled one with strawberry, orange or vanilla, I was not happy and those got put back in the box. The next chocolate to be selected were the ones with nuts; peanuts, pecans, almonds… all good and were safe to not be put back in the box. The last chocolate to be selected were the dark chocolate ones. I could handle maybe one or two of the dark chocolate cherries and dark chocolate mints, but I prefer milk chocolate, so most of the dark chocolate stayed in the box.

It’s funny how an e-mail can bring back memories… and a craving for French Nougat candies!! 🙂

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