What I’ve been listening to on my iPod…

Well, I have been on my new job for about three weeks so far and I have been listening to my iPod during my drives to and from work (about a 40 minute drive). One of the latest playlists that I have put on my iPod is music from PBS’s Latin Music USA. I can’t believe how much I liked that show!

Here is one of the songs that was featured on the program. I love this song. I have had it on my iPod for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until I saw the show that I started listening to it.* It is “Vivir lo Nuestro” (1994) by Marc Anthony featuring La India.

I have a number of songs by Marc Anthony in my collection. But this was the first time that I heard of  La India (Linda Viera Caballero) is a noted Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award-nominated singer of salsa also known as the Princess of Salsa. I will definitely be adding some of La India’s music to my collection.

(I will blog about all the songs I have on my iPod and haven’t listen to yet at a later date. You know that saying, she who dies with the most songs wins! That’s me!)

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