“The Groove Line” by Heatwave

When you hear a song, do you associate it with a place you were at or something that you did? One song that does that to me is “The Groove Line” (1978) by Heatwave.

The memory I have when I hear this song is roller skating with the lights out and the disco ball spinning and the bright lights flashing. Now waht’s strange with this memory is that I really don’t remember roller skating to it, since I hated to roller shake. And I can count the number of times I went roller skating on one hand while I was growing up. So I don’t know if I saw people skating to this song one of those times at was a the skating rink or if I dream about it or saw it in a movie?

Regardless, whenever I hear this song, I get a smile on my face and I picture myself skating to it with the lights flashing and the disco ball spinning.

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