What do you think — Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill?

I read this article today and I got me thinking.

Should Ronald Reagan Be the Face of the New $50 Bill?


March 3, 2010

NEW YORK (WPIX) – Republican Patrick McHenry of North Carolina is looking to bump President Ulysses S. Grant from the $50 bill and make Ronald Reagan the new face of the currency.

“Every generation needs its own heroes,” McHenry said Tuesday. “One decade into the 21st century, it’s time to honor the last great president of the 20th and give President Reagan a place beside Presidents Roosevelt (on the dime) and Kennedy (on the half dollar).”

In addition, McHenry said Reagan transformed the nation’s political and economic thinking.

Democrats, however, seem to be opposed to the idea. Rep. Brad Sherman, who serves on the House Financial Services Committee, reportedly said Reagan is too controversial.

“Our currency ought to be something that unites us,” he said.

Not sure if I would like to see Grant replaced by Reagan. nothing against Reagan, I am just used to seeing Grant on the $50 bill — not that I see if often!

Maybe they can make a new coin for Reagan and honor him that way.

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