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What is on my iPod

Here is my weekly list of what is on my iPod.

The Look of Love” (1982) by ABC

Maybe one of my all-time favorite groups from the 80’s (I know, I have a lot of favorites). When I think of this song, I think of the video. I love Martin Fry (lead singer)! Another one of their songs that I love is “Poison Arrow“.

Groove Is in the Heart” (1990) by Deee-Lite

This song reminds my of my friend, Rita. It came out around the time we hung out together and played cards in her apartment. It is such a groovy song to listen to.

“Non Believer” by La Rocca

I love listening to music from TV shows or movies. This song is from on of the episodes of “One Tree Hill” (don’t judge me – I like that show).

“I Was Made for Dancin'” (1979) by Leif Garrett

OK, if you are a Child of the 70’s or 80’s, who didn’t like Leif Garrett? I was one of his followers. I might have only heard a handful of his songs, but this one get a couple of hits a month on my iPod.

In the Summertime” (1970) by Mungo Jerry

There is a whole playlist on my iPod of songs that get on my nerves. You may be asking, why do I have these songs if they get on my nerves? The simplest response is… I’m a songs on my iPod hoarder! Yes, there it is, I’m a song hoarder. I blame this “disease” on my parents, who are hoarders themselves.

But back to the song…  when I was looking up information on it, I just found out that Mungo Jerry was a “group” and not one person (like Jethro Tull)!  You learn something new every day!!

I can tell within the first few beats of the song when it’s on. I can listening to about 30 seconds of it before I have to change it.

Here are a few more songs in my music collection that get on my nerves, but I have to have them:

So these are this week’s picks of what’s on my iPod.


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