Websites to check out

Ever since I have been “Surfing the Internet”, I have bookmarked many, many sites. Here are some of the ones that I have bookmarked and thought were interesting.

Urban Dictionary

Find definitions for slang terms and submit words for others to see. Includes a slang term of the day, illustrating images, and sound files of how terms are pronounced.

eBaum’s World

Collection of hilarious media, including videos, pictures, games, Flash cartoons, jokes, and prank phone calls.

Television Without Pity

Critical analysis of network TV shows through episode recaps, discussion forums, articles, and reviews.

Welcome to Cyndi’s List

More than 292140 links! 281850 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 180 categories…

The Four Word Film Review

Allows users to review films using only 4 words. Searchable alphabetized archive.

80’s cartoons! All your favorites are here! Nearly 300 80s cartoons in the database. Even obscure 1980’s cartoons!

These are just a few, I have many more websites to share.Do you have any interesting ones to share?>


One Response

  1. I love urban dictionary. I use it to teach my old human what it means when young people say things.

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