Lee Majors

I was watching TV last night and one of the shows that I was watching was “CSI: NY” and then all of sudden, who was on the TV… LEE MAJORS!

Lee Majors

Lee Majors (born April 23, 1939) is an American television, film and voice actor, best known for his roles as Heath Barkley in the TV series The Big Valley (1965 – 1969), as Colonel Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man (1973–1978) and as Colt Seavers in The Fall Guy (1981–1986). (from wikipedia.com)

I have loved Lee Majors since I first saw him on The Big Valley. Which was on from 1965 – 1969, so I guess I must have seen him in the re-runs of the show. Whenever I first saw him… hubba hubba!

Lee Majors as Heath Barkley

Then I remember him on The Six Million Dollar Man. Man, oh man! I loved that show. I wanted to have bionic implants just like him. Or I wanted to be Lindsay Wagner when they were in The Six Million Dollar Man/The Bionic Woman TV movies together.

I wasn’t really a fan of his next show, The Fall Guy. But I did like him when he was in the movie Scrooged (1988). He was only in the film for a little bit, but it didn’t matter, it was Lee Majors!

It’s funny how seeing him on “CSI:NY” brought back so many memories of him. He will always have a fan in me.


5 Responses

  1. I really like watching The Six Million Dollar Man on DVD and I hope they get the movie off the ground so he can make a cameo in it before he retires from acting. I saw the commercial but did not see the show. I like Lee.

  2. I puffy heart him, especially on six million dollar man. *sigh*

  3. He was in a commercial maybe a year or two ago. It was funny. Like a take on the six million dollar man, an aged six million dollar man. Did you see the commercial?

  4. Belong to several of his fans sites. Just love Lee Majors

  5. I have loved this man since Big Valley until today and love be able to still see him perform.

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