30 Days Of Blogging Honesty — Day 9

Day 09 — When the cashier gives me this amount of money for change I know it’s too much money to dump in the charity bucket…

I was having problems answering this questions because I have some issues with giving to charities/tip jars and I rarely by attention to the change I get back from cashier (when I use cash.)

If i get some change back and there is a tip jar there on the counter, I’ll drop it in there. If I’m in a good mood, I might even leave a dollar. But going through a drive thru or if the service is poor, I don’t leave my change. I don’t see a reason I should leave my change for that type of service.

When it comes to leaving change for a charity, I would rather giving a donation of clothing or other items instead of money. At least that way I would know that it is being used for the people who need it instead of the cost of running a charity.

It’s not that I don’t care about giving money to charities or leave a tip for services that deserve them, I am just more cautious of who I give my extra change too.


(As of 4.6.2012) From Tom Baker: The most up to date list available of participants: Nicole, Last Civilized Woman, Bannatreasures, Sajeev, Happyhippierose, *Everything Love & Lust, Aurathena, Melanie, Marliz3e, TheFerkel, Prysmatique, AnonymousBurn, Caroline, Koi, Sylvia Garza, Mariana, Nenskei, MyNakedBokkie, Bluefiadiarries, VeehCirra, Princesa Musang, DLonelyStar, *TemptingSweets99, LJ, Terriblethinker, Sleep and Salami, Primadonna Zel, *Sofia, and Cherlyn Cochrane. Sites with an * contain NSFW material. If erotic or sexual material is offensive to you. Please check them out!


4 Responses

  1. Wait you would leave a dollar + your change if you purchased groceries just b/c the person was nice? O.o I just don’t get it, I’m afraid. You’re a much nicer person than I am!

    • Oh, hells no would I leave a tip at the grocery store. I was talking about a coffee shop or someplace like that. I’m not that nice! 🙂

      • Haha okay I was gonna say…
        Yeah I suppose a coffeeshop. I still don’t see the need for this to be okay, taking an extra tip for doing a job you are hired to do. It makes no sense.

  2. i think it depends on the service, if it is good then why not right? i relate about giving to the tip jar depending on the mood. i sometimes do it too!

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