Song of the Day

I guess I must be in the mood for music from the 70’s. I know I listened to music and played 45’s on my record player when I was a kid. But I really don’t remember what I listened to. I guess I listened to whatever was popular at the time. As I am getting older, I have more of a appreciation for music from the 60’s and 70’s.

Here is one of my favorites from the 70’s — “Love Will Find a Way” (1977) by Pablo Cruise. I love this song! It has such a groovy sound to it

They just don’t make songs like this anymore. Check out the people in the video, they are just dancing and singing to the song, no one is throwing grass/mud or no mosh pits.

I’m so glad sites like YouTube are around to see all of these classic songs/video from the time when music was good music!

Side Note:

Another one of their songs that is on my 70’s playlist is “Whatcha Gonna Do?“.

The only problem I have it that I remember the singe(s)/band from when they first sang their song. Then I Google them and see how they look now and well let’s just same we all are getting older. *Warning: if you are a fan of the Bay City Rollers, do not Google them and see what they look like now, I am telling you, you really want to remember what they looked like them, not now… you Googled bay City Rollers, didn’t you??!!

God bless them for still rockin’!


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