Jim Palmer

I was checking out Yahoo this evening and there was a story on Jim Palmer. The former Baltimore Orioles ace and Cy Young Award and Gold Glove Award winner. And they had a photo  that was taken on June 30, 2012. All I have to say, not too shabby for a 66-year old man.

This photo taken June 30, 2012 shows former Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer clapping during a ceremony honoring former manager Earl Weaver.

The story was about him putting his awards up for auction, raising money for his family… honestly, I was too busy checking out his photo than what was in the story.

He was one of my favorite players from the 70’s. OK, I was a kid then, but I knew who the handsome men were and was there watching them when they were on TV. Or was it those ads when he was the spokesman and underwear model for Jockey brand men’s briefs!? I guess I was really mature for my age if I liked Jim Palmer’s Jockey ad! I remember just cherishing my Jim Palmer baseball cards.

Jim Palmer. spokesman and model for Jockey

I wish they made baseball players like him today! There were some other players from the 70’s and 80’s that I liked:

Oh, I finished the story on Jim Palmer. I hope you raise grandchildren education and your stepson, who is autistic.

… A portion of the profits will also be given to the autism project of Palm Beach County.

Like I said, I wish they made players men like this today!

Side note:

Other sites about Jim Palmer — The Official Site of Jim Palmer.


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