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List of Stuck In Your Head Songs

I have added another playlist to my iPod… List of Stuck In Your Head Songs from the website: Pop Culture Madness.

Now you may be asking, why am i creating this list of songs that stuck in your head? Well, 1) you can’t have too many playlists on your iPod and 2) I like to torture myself with songs that will stick in my head. And finally, if I can pass along a song that will get stuck in someone else’s head — woo whoo!

So here is a list of the first 25 songs on the list. How many do you have and are they stuck in your head yet?

1. “It’s A Small World” – Disney
2. “Yellow Submarine” – the Beatles
3. “The Andy Griffith Theme”
4. “High Hopes” – Frank Sinatra
5. “Mickey” – Toni Basil
6. “The Ketchup Song” – Las Ketchup
7. “Material Girl” – Madonna
8. “Macarena” – Los Del Rio
9. “These Boots Are Made For Walking” – Nacy Sinatra
10. “Jeopardy” – Greg Kihn Band
11. “Mahna Mahna” – The Muppets
12. “Brass Monkey” – Beastie Boys
13. “Sugartown” – Nancy Sinatra
14. “Tiny Bubbles” – Don Ho
15. “Kung Fu Fighting” – Carl Douglas
16. “Back off Bugaloo” – Ringo Starr
17. “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” – Kylie Minogue
18. “My Humps” – Black Eyed Peas
19. “Tubthumping” – Chumbawumba
20. “MMMBop” – Hanson
21. “Who Let The Dogs Out?” – Baha Men
22. “Bad Boys” – Inner Circle
23. “Dancing Queen” – Abba
24. “ABC” – Jackson 5
25. “Barbie Girl” – Aqua

How about now?

Here’s one more… and I thought I would include a video to it too! “Karma Chameleon” – Culture Club



And you’re welcome!



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