Marvin Hamlisch

While I was at work today, I got a text that Marvin Hamlisch had died at the age of 68. My first thought was, he was kind of young to have died. And second, I thought of the songs and movies that he was a part of.

Marvin Hamlisch (June 2, 1944 – August 6, 2012)

… was an American composer. He was one of only eleven people to have been awarded Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and a Tony. He was also one of only two people to have won those four prizes and also a Pulitzer Prize (the other was Richard Rodgers). Hamlisch also won two Golden Globes. (from

Some of the movies that I remember watching that his music was in it are:

When I Googled Marvin Hamlisch, I was surprised on how many wards he won. Here is a list of them from

Academy Awards

Out of all his song, this one is one of my Top 100 songs ever — “The Way We Were“.



And this is one of my favorite movies, Same Time Next Year. One of the songs in the movie, “The Last Time I Felt Like This” has to be one of the prettiest songs that I ever heard in a movie. I try to watch it whenever it’s on TV. I just recently got the DVD of the movie.

Here are some other sites about Mavin Hamlisch:


R.I.P. Marvin Hamlisch — Now there is even more sweet music in heaven.


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