Happy New Year


New Year

2013 is at the door
Life is short, break the rules,
Forgive quickly,
love truly,
laugh uncontrollably,
never regret anything that made you smile.
Another year has passed,
another year has come.
I wish for you,
that with every year you touch all your dreams.
May God pour love and care on you.
Happy New Year.

TCM Remembers 2012

As I have done in the previous years, I have posted TCM Remembers 2012 on my site. As a fan of movies, TV and music, I grew up watching/listening to these talented people.





You are gone, but not forgotten.

Passing it along…

I saw this and wanted to do my part of passing it along.


2012 Kennedy Center Honors

One of the specials that I anxiously wait for is the Kennedy Center Honors. The 2012 Kennedy Center Honors was on the other night and the following people/groups were honored:

Now, I have watched several of these specials and I have to say that this year’s show was the BEST!

And the best tribute of the night was the tribute to Led Zeppelin. Before last night show, the tribute to Paul McCartney was my favorite.

Led Zeppelin is the most mystifying band in all of rock and roll. Unlike the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who, Dylan, U2, or any of the other great mega acts, they kept mostly to themselves and away from the media. They usually did not release singles, and they only really spoke out about themselves during performances. Despite this, they are also the most popular hard rock band ever. (from Listverse.com)

I know some of Led Zeppelin’s songs, but I am not a hardcore fan. But after watching the other artist perform their songs, I need to check out more of Led Zeppelin’s songs. All I know, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones were and will always be one of the best bands ever.

2012 Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones (L ), Jimmy Page (C) and Robert Plant (R) pose for photographers for the 35th Kennedy Center Honors held at the Kennedy Center Hall of States in Washington, D.C.
Credits: Kris Connor/Getty Images

Here is the video of the tribute to Led Zeppelin. It a little long, but it is well worth it.

All of the artist were amazing, but my favorites were by Lenny Kravitz and Heart.

Here is part of an article written in Forbes magazine by David Wismer, Contributor. (Article)

… But then Ann and Nancy Wilson came on stage for the finale, an inspiring “bring down the house” version of “Stairway to Heaven”, with Jason Bonham on drums. UltimateClassicRock.com said of the moment:

In a performance that had Robert Plant on the verge of tears, Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart sang ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as the finale of a star-studded musical tribute to Led Zeppelin during the Kennedy Center Honors, which were broadcast last night (Dec. 26) on CBS.

It seems like about 3,000 people were on stage during this performance, with the Wilson sisters joined by late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s son Jason on drums, as well as a gigantic house band featuring string and horn sections and what appeared to be two different vocal choirs.

As anyone who’s seen their frequent live performances of Rock and Roll‘ or ‘The Battle of Evermorecan tell you, the Wilson sisters know how to play Led Zeppelin live. From the moment they began, all eyes and ears were focused on Ann Wilson, and she knocked this one out of the park, leaving John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and a clearly misty Plant with big smiles on their faces as they watched from the balcony.”

Thanks to TheChicaExperience95 for posting this video.

Check this site out:

The Streets in Heaven

The streets in heaven must be busy with all of the people that have died these past couple of days.

Memorial Candle

Four of the most recent “celebrity or well-known people” are:

December 27 — Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., 78, American general, Commander-in-Chief of United States Central Command (1988–1991)

Norman Schwarzkopf

“Stormin’ Norman,” — In 1991, Schwarzkopf led Operation Desert Storm, the U.S. military effort to liberate Kuwait. He and his troops managed to drive out Saddam Hussein‘s forces in only six weeks.

I saw this quote by him:

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”

December 26 — Fontella Bass, 72, American singer (“Rescue Me”)

Fontella Bass

She is best known for the 1965 R&B hitRescue Me“. This is one of those songs that you hear in the morning and it sticks with you all day.

December 24 —Charles Durning, 89, American actor (Evening Shade, Rescue Me, The Sting)

Charles Durning

The movies and TV shows that I remember him in are The Final Countdown, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Tootsie and Home for the Holidays.

Jack Klugman, 90, American actor (Quincy, M.E., The Odd Couple, 12 Angry Men)

Jack Klugman

Even though he was known for his roles in 12 Angry Men (1957) and Cry Terror! (1958). And on The Defenders, The Twilight Zone and The Odd Couple, opposite Tony Randall. I will always remember him when he starred in the title role in Quincy, M.E. 1976 to 1983.

Remembers the American Soldiers

This is from People magazine and I wanted to post it here so we don’t forget that brave men and women gave their lives for our freedom. Thank you and R.I.P.

PEOPLE Remembers the American Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

December 23, 2012, 6:30 am Daniel S. Levy

As of Dec. 17, 311 people have died fighting for the United States in the war that started in 2001

With the exit from Iraq and the draw-down of troops in Afghanistan, the numbers of Americans killed continues to drop.

Still, loved ones are mourning 311 lost, and as of Dec. 17, the wars’ toll since 2001 now stands at 6,656.

Edward Joseph Acosta, 21 Trevor Brandon Adkins, 21 Ahmed Kousay al-Taie, 46 Erica Paige Alecksen, 21 Tobias Christoph Alexander, 30 Joseph James Altmann, 27 Mabry James Anders, 21 Joshua Ryan Ashley, 23 Bradley Wayne Atwell, 27

Daniel Benjamin Bartle, 27 Jon-Luke Bateman, 22 Jonathan Batista, 22 Rayvon Battle Jr., 25 Taylor John Baune, 21 Jordan Logan Bear, 25 Clayton Ross Beauchamp, 21 Genaro Bedoy, 20 Bryan Richard Bell, 23 Russell Ryan Bell, 37 Jose Oscar Belmontes, 28 Kenneth Wade Bennett, 26 Keith David Benson, 27 Richard Liam Berry, 27 Robert John Billings, 30 Christopher James Birdwell, 25 Jeremie Shane Border, 28 Christopher David Bordoni, 21 Joshua Alan Born, 25 Michael Cean Braden, 31 Mikayla Anne Bragg, 21 John R. Brainard III, 26 Sean Edward Brazas, 26 Andrew Trevor Britton-Mihalo, 25 Michael John Brodsky, 33 Christopher L. Brown, 26 Daniel Joseph Brown, 27 Milton W. Brown, 28 Gregory Thomas Buckley, 21 Antonio Carlos Burnside, 31 Thomas Jefferson Butler IV, 25 Brandon Lucas Buttry, 19

Gerardo Campos, 23 Shane William Cantu, 20 Daniel Lewis Carlson, 21 Sean Patrick Carson, 32 Roberto Cazarez, 24 Julian Clement Chase, 22 Nicolas D. Checque, 28 Gregory Lamont Childs, 38 Bruce Kevin Clark, 43 Junot M. L. Cochilus, 34 Kenneth Eldren Cochran, 20 Keaton Grant Coffey, 22 Julian Lee Colvin, 21 Timothy John Conrad Jr., 22 Gregory Todd Copes, 36 Cesar Cortez, 24 Niall William Cotisears, 23

Joseph DAugustine, 29 Johnathon Frank Davis, 20 Nathan Tyler Davis, 20 Coater Bernard Debose, 55 Michael Robert Demarsico II, 20 Anthony Joseph Denier, 26 Leroy Deronde III, 22 Nicholas Michael Dickhut, 23 Scott Edward Dickinson, 29 Alex Frank Domion, 21 Curtis Joseph Duarte, 22 Michael Stephen Duskin, 42 James Evan Dutton, 25 Edward Joe Dycus, 22

Kevin Richard Ebbert, 32 Jason Kyle Edens, 22 Brandon Forrest Eggleston, 29 Vincent James Ellis, 22 Darrel Lynn Enos, 36 Richard Allen Essex, 23 Bobby Lee Estle, 38 Kyler Lavon Estrada, 21

Joseph Henry Fankhauser, 30 Aaron Matthew Faust, 22 Mathew Gregory Fazzari, 25 Patrick Delaney Feeks, 28 Arronn David Fields, 27 Krystal Marie Fitts, 26 Joseph Fitzmorris, 31 Thomas Kent Fogarty, 30 Nicholas Charles Fredsti, 30

Vilmar Galarza Hernandez, 21 Luis Antonio Oliver Galbreath, 41 Jonathan William Gifford, 34 Theodore Matthew Glende, 23 Jonathan Alan Gollnitz, 28 Moises Jesus Gonzalez, 29 Brandon Dwayne Goodine, 20 Brittany Bria Gordon, 24 Brett Edward Gornewicz, 27 Walter David Gray, 38 Kevin James Griffin, 45 Samuel Mark Griffith, 36 Jesse James Grindey, 30 Dustin Dean Gross, 19 Raul Madrigal Guerra, 37 Michael J. Guillory, 28

Ryan Preston Hall, 30 Carl Erik Hammar, 24 Shawn Thomas Hannon, 44 John Eric Hansen, 41 Justin Michael Hansen, 26 Jeremy Franklin Hardison, 23 Zachary Hayden Hargrove, 32 Aaron Arthur Henderson, 33 Alex Hernandez III, 21 Pernell Johnnie Herrera, 33 Channing Bo Hicks, 24 Darrion Terrell Hicks, 21 Tanner Stone Higgins, 23 Terence John Hildner, 49 Hunter Dalton Hogan, 21 Eric Scott Holman, 39 Patricia Lee Horne, 20 Brian Daniel Hornsby, 37 Justin Louis Horsley, 21 John Patrick Huling, 25

Francis Dee Imlay Jr., 31 Aaron Dale Istre, 37

Kedith Lamont Jacobs Jr., 21 Sean Robert Jacobs, 23 Jamie Darrell Jarboe, 27 Ryan Paul Jayne, 22 Ryan Jeschke, 31 David Andrew Johnson, 24 Donna Rae Johnson, 29 Nicholas Scott Johnson, 27 Payton Alexander Jones, 19 James Austin Justice, 21

Ramon Taisakan Kaipat, 22 Matthew Geoffrey Kantor, 22 Andrew James Keller, 22 Thomas Elliott Kennedy, 35 Kurt William Kern, 24 Richard James Kessler Jr., 47 Michael Joseph Knapp, 28 Jabraun Steven Knox, 23 Noah Mark Korte, 29 Suresh Niranjan Aba Krause, 29

Jarrod Allen Lallier, 20 Todd William Lambka, 25 Matthew John Leach, 29 Dick Alson Lee Jr., 31 Brian Jeffery Leonhardt, 21 Joseph Michael Lilly, 25 Darren M. Linde, 41 Daniel Lee Linnabary II, 23 Kevin E. Lipari, 39 Roberto Loeza Jr., 28 John Darin Loftis, 44 Joseph Daniel Logan, 22 Jesus Jonathan Lopez, 22 Conner Thomas Lowry, 24 Bryant Jordan Luxmore, 25

Bruce Andrew MacFarlane, 46 Thomas Raymond MacPherson, 26 Matthew Patrick Manoukian, 29 Robert Joseph Marchanti II, 48 Justin Cameron Marquez, 25 Chase Stone Marta, 24 Ethan Jacob Martin, 22 Alex Martinez, 21 Robert Anthony Massarelli, 32 Erik Nathaniel May, 26 Kyle Brenton McClain, 25 Philip Daine McGeath, 25 Nathan Ronald McHone, 29 Allen Robert McKenna Jr., 28 Barett Wambli McNabb, 33 Richard Lewis McNulty III, 22 John David Meador II, 36 Dale Wayne Means, 23 Kashif Mohammed Memon, 31 Michael Joseph Metcalf, 22 Daniel Thomas Metcalfe, 29 Jonathan Matthew Metzger, 32 Cale Clyde Miller, 23 Eugene Clifton Mills III, 21 Christopher Michael Monahan Jr., 25 Jose Luis Montenegro Jr., 31 Osbrany Montes De Oca, 20 Cody Otho Moosman, 24 Travis Alan Morgado, 25 Christopher E. Mosko, 28 Sky Russell Mote, 27 Christopher Lee Muniz, 24

Dustin Paul Napier, 20 Juan Pantoja Navarro, 23 Benjamin Harold Neal, 21 James Dominic Nehl, 37 Joshua Nathaniel Nelson, 22 Sapuro Brightley Nena, 25 David Paul Nowaczyk, 32 Israel Paul Nuanes, 38

Nicholas Henry Olivas, 20 Tyler J. Orgaard, 20 Kyle Bruce Osborn, 26 Jesse Aaron Ozbat, 28

Scott Patrick Pace, 39 Joshua Cole Pairsh, 29 Michael Jeremy Palacio, 23 Alejandro Jose Pardo, 21 Christopher Alexander Patterson, 20 Brandon Robert Pepper, 31 Sergio Eduardo Perez, 21 Trevor Adam Pinnick, 20 Benjamin Carlos Pleitez, 25 William Compton Poling Jr., 42 Paris Shawn Pough, 40 Alexander George Povilaitis Jr., 47 Stephen Chase Prasnicki, 24 John Castle Pratt, 51 Daniel Joseph Price, 27 Scott Eugene Pruitt, 38 Michael Wayne Pyron, 30

Christopher Keith Raible, 40 Thalia Suzanne Ramirez, 28 Ryan Davis Rawl, 30 Clovis Tim Ray, 34 Jerry Don Reed II, 30 Chad Robert Regelin, 24 Nicholas J. Reid, 26 Kevin James Reinhard, 25 Jose Joel Reyes, 24 Jeffrey Leon Rice, 24 Joseph Alvin Richardson, 23 Travis William Riddick, 40 Jeffrey James Rieck, 46 Michael Eugene Ristau, 25 Richard Anthony Rivera Jr., 20 Daquane Demetris Rivers, 21 Dion Rashun Roberts, 25 Leonard Robinson, 29 Daniel Anthony Rodriguez, 28 Jose Rodriguez, 22 Kyle Robert Rookey, 23 Adam Corey Ross, 19 Nicholas Jan Rozanski, 36 Clinton Keith Ruiz, 22 David E. Rylander, 23

Brenden Neal Salazar, 20 Christian Riley Sannicolas, 20 Ryan James Savard, 29 Philip Channing Sipe Schiller, 21 Joseph Lee Schiro, 27 Jonathan Philip Schmidt, 28 Julian Seiji Scholten, 26 Jacob Michael Schwallie, 22 Matthew Scott Schwartz, 34 Matthew Ryan Seidler, 24 Ricardo Seija, 31 Anthony Ramon Servin, 22 Dean Russell Shaffer, 23 Christopher Greg Singer, 23 Matthew Steven Sitton, 26 James Lyn Skalberg Jr., 25 Tyler James Smith, 24 Orion Nelson Sparks, 29 William Chapman Stacey, 23 Cameron James Stambaugh, 20 Trevor Jovanne Stanley, 22 Camella Marchett Steedley, 31 Riley Gene Stephens, 39 Steven Prince Stevens II, 23 Matthew Henrick Stiltz, 26 Jesse Wade Stites, 23 Michael Joseph Strachota, 28 Sean Patrick Sullivan, 40 Billy Albert Sutton, 42 Steven Gene Sutton, 24 Jason Michael Swindle, 24

Abraham Tarwoe, 25 Robert Joseph Tauteris Jr., 44 Tofiga Joshua Tautolo, 23 David Wayne Taylor, 20 Nicholas Andrew Taylor, 20 Alec Robert Terwiske, 21 Matthew Bradford Thomas, 30 Alejo Rene Thompson, 30 Joel Del Mundo Tiu, 48 Louis Ramon Torres, 23 Jon Ross Townsend, 19 Gregory Ray Trent, 38 Nelson D. Trent, 37 Neil Isaac Turner, 21

Jalfred David Vaquerano, 20 Manuel Joseph Vasquez, 22 Jorge Luis Velasquez, 35 Dain Taylor Venne, 29 Don Cayetano Viray, 25 Paul Clarke Voelke, 36

Brian Lloyd Walker, 25 Jonathan Patrick Walsh, 28 Eric Dean Warren, 23 David John Warsen, 27 Samuel Thomas Watts, 20 Dennis Paul Weichel Jr., 29 Jeffrey Lee White Jr., 21 Nicholas Schade Whitlock, 29 Justin Michael Whitmire, 20 Ronald Herbert Wildrick Jr., 30 Justin James Wilkens, 26 Clarence Williams III, 23 David Vincent Williams, 24 Eric Edward Williams, 27 Wesley R. Williams, 25 Ryan James Wilson, 26 Shane Gregory Wilson, 20 Wade Daniel Wilson, 22 William Robert Wilson III, 27 Jessica Marie Wing, 42 Benjamin Brian Wise, 34 Joshua Eli Witsman, 23 Chris John Workman, 33 Sterling William Wyatt, 21

Merry Christmas

My wish for anyone who reads my blog…

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!
~ Author Unknown


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