TV Crush — Scott Bakula

Here is my weekly post on my TV Crush — Scott Bakula.

Scott Bakula

When I really had my TV crush on Scott Bakula was when he was on Quantum Leap. I watched every episode of that show. I even had a binder that had a list of every epsiode, a summary of the episode and who starred in the episode. I would mark each episode I watched and marked my favorite ones with a star.

Here are the TV shows and movies that I liked that he appeared in:

I wasn’t a regular viewer of Star Trek: Enterprise. I think I watched the first season, but that was about it.

I did like him on Murphy Brown. I thought his character, Peter Hunt was cool and sexy!

I was excited to see the reruns of Quantum Leap on TV the other day. Just as when I was younger, I was just staring at the TV watching him. I guess some things never change.

Side notes:

Other sites on Scott Bakula:

I was raised by the TV. As long as I can remember, I have been watching TV. It was my babysitter, my friend. Something that was there to comfort me, make me laugh or cry and just veg out when I needed to. Even as an adult, I’ll have the TV on in the background.

So this post is one of the many TV Crushes I had with the actors or TV personalities I watched.


2 Responses

  1. Jen had a crush on him too! Did you see his guest appearance on Two and a Half Men last night?

  2. Wow I had a very big Crush on him :p .. my heart always pounded like hell making meeeeeeee ,,,, i luv him :p :p

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