Strawberry Angel Food Trifle

First of all, let me say, I am borrowing this from a post on Facebook. It is not my picture, not my recipe! I tried to find out more information on who took the picture and where the recipe came from, but had no luck.

If this is your picture, just let me know and I will give you 100% create for it.

OK, sorry about the rant, but I posted a picture and forgot to give credit or something and there were some people who felt the need to “school me” on what I did wrong.

I saw this picture of a Strawberry Angel Food Trifle on Facebook and my mouth started to water. I really think I might have to break down and go grocery shopping to get the things to make this over the weekend.

Strawberry Angel Food Trifle

Here is the recipe:

Strawberry Angel Food Trifle

(1) Angel Food Cake
24 oz. container frozen strawberries, sliced with sugar added, thawed
3 cups  vanilla pudding
16 oz. container of whipped cream, slightly less than the whole container
Fresh strawberries for garnish

  • Tear angel food cake into medium pieces.
  • Begin layering cake, strawberries, pudding and whip cream in a large clear glass bowl.
  • Continue irregular layers, filling the bowl.
  • Top entire dessert with a solid layer of whip cream.
  • Slice a few fresh strawberries for garnish.
  • Refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours before serving.

Variations: It would be GREAT to add blueberries to this mix too.

I’ll take a picture of the one that I make and see if it looks like the one above.


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