Happy Birthday, WWW!

Did you know that it was the 20th birthday of the WWW? Twenty years ago, on April 30, 1993, CERN set the World Wide Web free.

Saw this article and thought I would share it. As they say, you’ve come a long way baby!

Happy Birthday WWW

Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!

The information-sharing tool that changed the world turns 20 years old this month

By Laura Leigh Davidson | December 1 , 2010
You probably can’t remember a time when you weren’t able to power up a computer and find almost any type of information you can imagine. That information comes to you courtesy of the World Wide Web.

The Web “went live,” or became usable for the public, 20 years ago this month. The invention of the Web significantly changed the way we communicate and learn.


The World Wide Web was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee of the United Kingdom. He wanted to find a way for users on different computers to access the same information.

Berners-Lee knew a lot about the Internet, the network that allows computers to communicate. At the time, the Internet was mainly used by a small number of scientists and computer experts. It enabled computers to “talk” to one another, but there was no good way for people to access and share information over the Internet.

So Berners-Lee developed an easy way to create Web pages. He also set up ways to organize and link those pages. His goal was to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to post information and access it on the Web.


In the 1990s, the Web exploded into an international community where Internet users could quickly share information in many forms—images, sound, and video as well as text.

Before e-mail, people stayed in touch by phone and by writing letters, which mail carriers had to deliver. They still write letters, but less frequently. Many more ways to write and communicate now exist. Webmail, instant messaging, video chats, social-networking sites, and blogs are all popular ways to keep in touch with friends. Many people even have their own Web pages.

Nowadays, the Web is a place that allows schools, museums, libraries, and businesses to post information and present programs, products, and services to an unlimited audience.

The Web has become a place where people around the globe can instantly interact and be incredibly creative. That’s just what the inventor said he had in mind 20 years ago.


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