R.I.P. Esther Williams

Today, another movie star died. Esther Williams dies at 91; athletic star of aquatic musicals. The Los Angeles native and swimming champion was starred in movies at MGM  in the 1940s and ’50s.

Esther Williams

Esther Williams
(August 8, 1921 – June 6, 2013)


Her movies — including “Bathing Beauty,” “Jupiter’s Darling” and “Million Dollar Mermaid” — were as light as sea foam, but she stuck with their mix of romance, comedy and underwater spectacle, concluding that she would “rather be a commercial success than an artistic flop.” (By Claudia Luther, Special to The Los Angeles Times.)

I have seen bits and pieces of her movies, but I have never seen the whole movie. It is on “Bucket List” of movies to watch. When I watched the clips of her movies, I was amazed on how she could dive in the water ans under the water smiling, dancing and moving around like she did. I would love to learn how to do what she did in the water.

Then I when I was looking for a picture to post on the blog, I forgot how beautiful Esther Williams was. She was like old-school, classic Hollywood dame beautiful!



So, now I really need to see an Esther Williams movie from start to finish. I have said it before, the classic Hollywood movies stars that we grew up watching are passing away.

R.I.P. Esther Williams. Thanks for entertaining us!

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  1. A great actress left on the 69th Anniversary of D-Day on a Thursday, and her funeral was handled with care as her husband poured her ashes into the Pacific Ocean & on board everyone salute her like she was a war hero. For 91 years, she survived hardships & minor victories & despite she did have a salty language, it was even enough to make comic Lenny Bruce to tell her stop it because it hurts his ears. She did her part & in The Soul Operas of the 1970s, they couldn’t find a replica of Esther Williams. However her group did come to the 16th Street Baptist Church to honor The 4 Little Girls, Esther went in 1993 & her reason, she had a stillborn daughter before she had 3 children from her #2 Marriage. One rock singer who was not in The Marilyn Manson group called himself “Esther Starkweather” for various reasons. Both Esther & Chuck Starkweather were near-sighted & had roots in the Midwest, Williams, Kansas & Chuck, Nebraska, Both died in June on a Thursday Morning. The musician is near-sighted, wears rectangle eye glasses, had reddish brown hair & wears a black outfit & has a white Superman “S” logo on his black T-shirt & choose the “Esther Starkweather” name for himself. They some common traits, one was good & one was bad. And in high school Esther Starkweather was a swimming champion on his own merits. To Be Continued.

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