Cool Pictures

How cool are these pictures. I found them on the website. And you know me, I just had to share.

The Odd Beauty of Abandoned Landmarks (PHOTOS)

by Sean Breslin

Published: Mar 13, 2013, 0:57 PM EDT

There’s a special kind of beauty in a man-made object being reclaimed by nature after it has been abandoned.

As these buildings and underwater attractions break down and decompose, they’re left to sit in their purgatorial state, waiting for nature to destroy them. It’s not always a beautiful occurrence.

In the photos above, it is rather beautiful to see objects that have been neglected by man, and when photographers got inside the buildings to get a better look, the result was magical.

Entombed In Ice-Ardley Bay Antarctica

Ardley Bay, Antarctica — This image of a 76-foot Brazilian yacht, used for scientific expeditions, has been abandoned underwater for nearly a year. Thankfully, nobody perished when the boat sank. (Ruslan Eliseev photo)


Underwater Jesus statue, Malta

Malta — An underwater statue of Jesus sits at the bottom of the sea off the coast of Malta. After being blessed by Pope John Paul II, it was placed underwater as an attraction for divers. (Credit: user JesusMarine,

Abandoned subway station at City Hall in New York

New York, New York — An abandoned subway station at City Hall in New York isn’t open to the public, but its abandoned beauty lies right under the tracks of other trains currently in service. (Photo: John-Paul Palescandolo)


City Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana — City Methodist Church, built in 1926, now stands unoccupied and in ruins. (Photo: Eric Holubow)

Have you seen any cool pictures while surfing the web?





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