The Past


First, here is some background information before I start my post:

I’ve always been a “big” person. I was talker than my teachers starting in sixth grade.

I’ve always been the type if person to follow my own path. It may have not made sense to others, but for me it worked.

In high school, I had friends, some good ones and some casual ones. I never really had a problem making friends, at least I thought so.

I can’t remember anyone ever being mean to me about my size, at least not to my face.

And about three years ago, I started an alumni group page on Facebook for my high school. I’ve reconnected with some old and dear friends and caught up on what they have been doing. Overall it’s been fun sharing and seeing current pictures of everyone.

So, today I got a message from a person who graduated a year before me. She said that she remembered how mean she was to me and that she was sorry. She also said she wad embarrassed thinking back on it.

I didn’t know how to react to this message. I really don’t remember this person being mean to me. I remember her having a attitude and she wasn’t really in my circle of friends. If she was mean to me, I didn’t see it. So I responded back to her that we were young and that was a long time ago. What matters now are the actions towards each other today.

Then she responded back…

I know, but it still makes me sick to remember how I was towards you. Thank god I grew up and raised a nice girl who would never dream of acting like that!

I was still drawing a blank on how she treated me and I was not going to ask her what she did.

But hopefully she can put it behind her now that we “talked” about it a little.


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