Co-Workers, Jenna and Jorge

Well, today’s post is going to be a little different. It going to be directed at two of my co-workers, Jenna and Jorge.

These two are very unique people and I mean that in a good way. Both of them are friendly and easy to talk to and talk smack to. I have worked in many places and have met all types of people. So I have come to appreciate the “good ones” that I can be comfortable around and joke around with.  I’ll work on getting a picture of them to post.

I told them I was busy this morning, I had to write something for my blog. They looked at me funny when said that I had a blog. I told them that I’ve had it for several years and that I almost to a million hits (can you believe that??) I told them they could find my site by Googling me.

So here is a little game for Jenna and Jorge. Answer the following questions and send them to me. First one that does, gets a shiny, brand me quarter! Or a box of paperclips that I will be taking borrowing from the office. Or if I can find something smaller than a bread box, it’s yours!

What are you thinking…

  • Best dish you can cook?
  • Song you cannot stand?
  • Favorite cookie?
  • Last book you read?
  • Place where you would to visit?
  • Superpower you wish you had?

Jenna and Jorge, put your answers here by selecting the Leave a Comment link.

So, let’s see if this works. You know how much I love new “fans” to my blog! If anyone else would like to answer these questions, add them in Comments section.


One Response

  1. •Best dish you can cook? Venison Chili
    •Song you cannot stand? can’t think of one
    •Favorite cookie? chocolate chip!
    •Last book you read? Mm.. Excel for dummies?
    •Place where you would to visit? Greece
    •Superpower you wish you had? teleporting 😀

    Haha i beat Jorge!!

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