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Sonic… So Disappointed

I was reading some of the reviews and I was surprised to see a similar incident as mine. After crazy shopping before Thanksgiving, I decided to pick up a Cherry Lime – ade. When I got to the window, the worker told me it’s was $2.59. I was about to give her a $5 bill and she asked me if I had 59 cents. I looked at her and said “No!” I asked if they ran out of change and she said that she only had pennies. I was dumbfounded. I could just told her to keep the change and give me the dollars back. I was shocked. I drove there, I ordered the drink and I pulled up and reached to get my drink and she keeps my tip??!! I had to ask for my receipt because she didn’t give it to me.  I left the drive thru and I still couldn’t believe what happened. So I decided to pull over and call the Sonic I went to. I asked to speak to a manager and the guy that answered said he was. I told Tim, the manager what happened and asked if this is how Sonic does their business now? He said no and that the girl should have never asked me to make change for her. He was nice enough and apologized for what happened. He even offered a free meal for me when I come back. I was already to go home and I was not willing to go back to that Sonic with that cashier who robbed/stole from me still there. He said that I could back there on Friday to get a free meal, just mentioned that I talked to him. Not sure what I’m going to do? I really don’t want my change taken from me for services not provided. Will see what happens to this post on Facebook. I’m going to post it on my it on my blog to, to see if this is something that is happening at other Sonic’s. If so, SHAME ON YOU, SONIC!

Sonic in San Antonio, Texas and Ana was the person who waited on me.


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