In the Year 2013

Going through my e-mails, I came upon this article.

A Year in Review: 50 Most Memorable Moments of 2013

By Do You Remember
December 26, 2013

Here are some of the 50 that I thought were interesting.

1/17: Lance Armstrong admits his doping to Oprah Winfrey.

2/2: The famous dance-craze meme Harlem Shake is created.

3/13: Pope Francis is elected.

4/15: A bombing during the Boston Marathon kills three people and injures 264.

7/11: Sharknado premieres on Syfy.

7/22: Prince George is born to Prince William and his wife, Kate.

9/2: Diana Nyad completes historic Cuba-to-Florida swim, becoming the first person to swim said distance without a shark cage.

11/19: Oxford English Dictionary names “selfie” as the Word of the Year for 2013.

12/7: Radiant orchid is named Pantone’s Color of the Year.

Also from the website Do You Remember.

A Year in Review: Memorable Passings of 2013

By Do You Remember
December 27, 2013

1/1: Patti Page, 85

1/16: Pauline Phillips, 94
This columnist and radio host started “Dear Abby” in 1956.

2/1: Ed Koch, 88
This three-term mayor of New York led the city from the brink of insolvency to economic boom.

2/25: C. Everett Koop, 96
Koop was one of the only surgeon generals to become a household name, following his campaigns against tobacco use,  AIDS prevention and abortion.

2/27: Van Cliburn, 78
This American virtuoso pianist was known for winning the coveted International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow at the height of the Cold War.

3/1: Bonnie Franklin, 69
This American actress was best known for her leading role in the television series One Day At A Time, for which she was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

4/4: Roger Ebert, 70
The syndicated movie critic was one half of famed movie reviewers Ebert & Robert.

4/8: Margaret Thatcher, 87
The first female Prime Minister of Great Britain was instrumental in the British retake of the Falkland Islands in 1982.

4/8: Annette Funicello, 70
This American actress rose to prominence after becoming one of the most popular child actors on the Mickey Mouse Club.

4/11: Jonathan Winters, 87
This American humorist won the Mark Twain Award for Humor in 1999.

4/22: Richie Havens, 72
This singer/songwriter was one of the opening acts at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

4/26: George Jones, 81
This musician won international fame from his song “White Lightning.”

5/13: Joyce Brothers, 85
This American psychologist became the first woman to win the grand prize on the TV game show the $64,000 Question.

5/20: Ray Manzarek, 74
This keyboardist was a founding member of the Doors.

5/31: Jean Stapleton, 90
This American actress was best known her portrayal of Edith Bunker on All In The Family.

6/6: Esther Williams, 91
Williams was both a synchronized swimmer and an actress for MGM.

6/19: James Gandolfini, 51
The Sopranos actor died unexpectedly in his hotel room in Rome, Italy.

7/13: Cory Monteith, 31
The Glee actor overdosed on heroin in his hotel room after a long struggle with addiction.

7/20: Helen Thomas, 92
The legendary White House reporter interviewed every president since the Eisenhower administration.

7/28: Eileen Brennan, 80
An American actress who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Private Benjamin.

8/8: Karen Black, 74
This American actress was nominated for Golden Globes and Academy Awards.

8/24: Julie Harris, 87
This multi-talented actress won five Tony Awards, three Emmys, a Grammy and was nominated for an Academy Award.

8/31: David Frost, 74
The Australian journalist was famous for his combative interview with former President Richard Nixon.

10/1: Tom Clancy, 66
Clancy was an American historian and fiction writer most known for is detailed espionage story lines.

10/25: Marcia Wallace, 70
This actress was most well known for her role on the 1970 sitcom The Bob Newhart Show, and for providing the voice for Edna Krabappel on the Simpsons.

10/27: Lou Reed, 71
This musician was the frontman for the 1960s New York band The Velvet Underground.

11/30: Paul Walker, 40
The Fast and Furious actor died in a tragic car accident after attending one of the many charity events he sponsored.

12/5: Nelson Mandela, 95
This antiapartheid activist served as the President of South Africa from 1994-1999, after the very same country’s government wrongly imprisoned him for decades.

12/14: Peter O’Toole, 81
British Actor, best known for his principal role in Lawrence of Arabia.

12/15: Joan Fontaine, 96
This British-American actress, was the only performer to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Hitchcock directed film.

12/16: Ray Price, 87
This country music singer was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1996.

The information above came from the Do You Remember website.



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