Bavarian Inn

Things I miss from Michigan. I haven’t lived in Michigan since December 2005. There are some things that I really miss. One of them is the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan.


A True German Hotel in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Willkommen to the real-life Bavarian Magical Kingdom of Frankenmuth and the Bavarian Inn hotel!

Are you looking for fun and interesting places to go on your Michigan vacation? To find a place this perfect and this picturesque, one normally has to thumb through a book of fairy tales, or peer into a snow-globe after a vigorous shaking…but here it is, in all of its Olde World, European flavor.

The Bavarian Inn Lodge and the Bavarian Inn Restaurant come together the way we skillfully simmer chicken and noodles. Separately they’re great, but together they’re absolutely paradise—a feast for your taste buds and your other senses.

Not only do I miss the town, I miss the food that they serve at the Bavarian Inn.


Their fried chicken is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. And the side dishes, as simple as they are, are really good.

If I could have the chicken dinner FedEx to me, I would love it.


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