Joe’s Green Bear

I’m going through my brother, Joe’s stuff and I’m finding the most interesting thing.

One things I found was his beloved a Green Bear.


I have no idea where he got this green bear, but he has had it for over 20 years.

Green Bear has attacked my niece and nephew; has been a fixture in my brothers truck and where I found him recently, he was stuck on the shelf next to his computer.

I have no idea why my brother like Green Bear so much. As you can tell by the picture it is definitely meant to be a child’s toy. But Joe really loved that Green Bear.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with Green Bear, but it is a part of who my brother was so, I might just keep it with me for the time being.

Side note:
I’ll be sharing stories about my brother Joe for the time being. Maybe by sharing stories about him, I won’t be as sad as I am right now.

I hope by my stories, you can see what type of person he was. He might not have been perfect, but he was my little brother and I miss him so much.

My Brother, Joe

Well, it’s almost been four days since my brother died.

I have his cell phone and I found the last picture of him. He took a selfie. I think he was taking a picture of his gray hair.


I also have the last text messages we sent each other. I have saved them to at least three places so I won’t lose them.

That is the way we were the most friendly with each other. As siblings,  we knew what buttons to press when we were face to face. But with texts, we were able to have normal or as normal with Joe conversations.

I will treasure those texts and when I get really sad and miss him, I can at least go back and read some of his funny texts.

I’ve seen my dad tear up as couple of times too. One time was the last time he saw Joe and I didn’t want to, he said he told Joe I said “Goodbye. ”

The other time was Sunday. He said that he went to go see my mom and told her that Joe was coming to see her.

I swear that is the only thing holding me together right now, knowing that they are togethet again.


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