Joe’s Green Bear

I’m going through my brother, Joe’s stuff and I’m finding the most interesting thing.

One things I found was his beloved a Green Bear.


I have no idea where he got this green bear, but he has had it for over 20 years.

Green Bear has attacked my niece and nephew; has been a fixture in my brothers truck and where I found him recently, he was stuck on the shelf next to his computer.

I have no idea why my brother like Green Bear so much. As you can tell by the picture it is definitely meant to be a child’s toy. But Joe really loved that Green Bear.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with Green Bear, but it is a part of who my brother was so, I might just keep it with me for the time being.

Side note:
I’ll be sharing stories about my brother Joe for the time being. Maybe by sharing stories about him, I won’t be as sad as I am right now.

I hope by my stories, you can see what type of person he was. He might not have been perfect, but he was my little brother and I miss him so much.

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