Happy Birthday, Joe

Joe M. Garza (July 24, 1968 – August 28, 2014)

The year of first is coming to an end. The first Halloween, the first Thanksgiving, the first Christmas the first New Year’s… they all have been hard.

Today it’s your first birthday since you have died. I hope today you are having your strawberry cake with strawberry frosting, your Route 44 lemon lime slush with extra fruit and anything else that you want for your birthday.

I’m sure mom is up there celebrating with you.


Even though you could press my buttons and give the silent treatment like nobody else, you are my little brother miss you so much. Sometimes it feels like it’s been a long time since you’ve been gone and then there’s other times when it feels like it happened yesterday.

So today I will try my hardest to remember all the fun and happy memories.

Happy Birthday, Brother.


Your Birthday should be a happy day
full of laughter, fun and presents

You Birthday should be joyful
not something I resent.

Your Birthday is a sad day
tears always fall.

Your Birthday is of memories
of days I can recall.

Now you are with the angels
full of laughter and love

Now you are with our Lord
smiling down from above.

Happy Birthday Brother


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