The Price is Right… Live

A could of weeks ago, I went to the Tonin Center to see The Price is Right… Live. 

What a fun night. First meet up with my friend, Amanda at Luby’s restaurant. After catching up on her adventure of signing up to try to get picked to play, we headed to the Tobin Center. 

There were already people in line ready to go. There were people who had specially made shirts that showed their love of the show. There were young and old and all different kinds of people there. But we were all fans of the game show. 

We had pretty good seats. It was just so dark in there that it was tough to get a good picture. 

That was the stage looked like. And the also had a mini Big Wheel in the corner of the stage. 

The crowd would go crazy when the theme song would come on. They (we) would go crazy when they started calling name and telling them to “Come on down, your the next contestant.”

Just like on TV, when the contestants started bidding for the prizes, we were all yelling higher or lower. It was too funny. 

They played a couple of games. Some people won the prizes. But I was totally thrilled when the doors opened and the Plinko game came out. 


A guy played the game and won $1,500. Not too bad. 

They picked two final contestants to play the big showcase. Unfortunately they both over bidded on the showcase. But it was still fun to watch and be there. 

The show lasted about two hours. The host, Todd Newton was OK. The announcer was funny. And there was even an assistant helping to show the prizes. 

But the cherry on the top of this whole night was my friend, Amanda’s name got picked for a $25 gift card from Subway. Here name was picked out of s couple of hundred. She really wanted to be picked to play the games, but at least she won something. 

I’m happy that I got the chance to see my all-time favorite game show. I had a really good night. 

Now, need to do something else to check off my Bucket List. 


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