The Washington Post March

Why did it take a Sonic Drive-in commercial to make me find out the name of this song?

I’ve must of hear the “The Washington Post March” a thousand of times, but I never knew the title of the song. 

In 1889, the owners of The Washington Post newspaper requested that John Philip Sousa, the leader of the United States Marine Band, compose a march for the newspaper’s essay contest awards ceremony. Sousa obliged; “The Washington Post March” was introduced at the ceremony on June 15, 1889, and it became quite popular.[1] It led to a British journalist dubbing Sousa “The March King”. Sousa is honored in The Washington Post building for his contribution to the newspaper and his country. (From

It makes me wonder…

  • Was I the last person to know the name of this song?
  • How many people can name that tune?
  • When/where do you learn the name of this song?

It’s a classic song and I hope that by me posting it here, there will be one more person who will know the history of this song. 


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