My Public Service Announcement

I saw this posted on an alumni Favebook page. I swear I have been thinking the same thing lately. 

Part of my knows to ignore all the negative and mean comments. But then there is the other part of me that wants to rip into that person who only can post negative comments and who are being bullies. 

But I hold my tounge and just skip their comments/posts. With the election coming up and other world events, I will be strong and keep me comments to myself. 

So thanks Kim for posting this. I’m borrowing it. 

Here is my Public Service Announcement.
I am an American citizen, which means I have the luxury of Freedom of Speech, freedom of political views and of religion. My moral compass is what I personally have to live with each day.

I just don’t understand how people, many who are American citizens with the same rights I have, think it’s okay to bash or demean others when they do not have the same belief system they do.  

Just because someone doesn’t agree with me, does not mean that person (or people) are bad people, or I judge them for their convictions. I ask the same in return.

If my faith in God or views on abortion, Planned Parenthood, politics or anything else I stand for offends you, and you cannot be nice to me, then do us both a favor and get out of my life.

I have people who are in my life who come from strongly different belief systems than mine, and I still love and respect them…and they do the same for me. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for all people in my life or on FB.

That’s where a problem with Facebook comes in. It should be a place where you enjoy, have healthy debates if you want to, and share yourself freely. All I have been seeing is a really bad side of it lately.  

The political season brings out so much anger and hatred in people, it just makes me sick. After all…we are American citizens, voting for an American citizen.

As far as I’m concerned – I’m proud of my life and who I am. I focus on doing good every day and to not be judgmental. I often fail, but I take it as a learning experience, and humble myself to apologize.

I’m tired of the negative, screeching people who hate others because of their beliefs. I’m done with allowing people to insult me personally. Going forward, I will address it with the person, and if that means I lose a relationship, so be it. I just want peace.

So, my Public Service Announcement is: love, honor and respect one another…or get the hell out of their life. Mine included.


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