Texas Motor Speedway

I had the chance to check off something on My Bucket List… Watching a NASCAR race in person. 

I was able to do that on Sunday, November 8th to watch the AAA Texas 500. 

My road trip started on Satuday. I drove to Irving, Texas. I brought a package deal from PrimeSports.com. I decided to take the VIP route and treat myself. My ticket was in The Victory Club suites. 

I had a good time there. Met some nice people sitting next to me. Even though he was a Kevin Harvivk fan. Me, I’m a Kyle Busch fan. 

Here are some pictures I took of the race and where I was sitting. 


View from suite, turn 4


Jeff Gordon


Kyle Busch


The #18 car — Kyle Busch (green car)


Tje Big Hoss TV Screen

The rest of my road trip, I went to visit my friend, Debbie Meyer. We’ve been friends since the 3rd grade. I had a chance to catch up and have some good BBQ. 

Overall, I’m glad I finally saw a race in person. Even though Jimmie Kohnson won the race. But I think I like watching it on TV much better. 

Now, what’s next on my bucket list to check off?


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