R.I.P. Raymond Mosqueda

Yesterday, one of my dad’s cousin past away.


Here is a picture of 4 out of the 5 Mosqueda children. Top row: Emma and Sonia. Bottom row: Raymond and Ruben. (Their brother, Rick had past away a couple of years ago.)

Raymond was a character. He had his own sense of humor and he was not shy one bit.

I remember going to visit them at their patrent’s house when we were growing up in Michigan (we lived in Flint, they lived in Saginaw.)

It was always a good time with the whole family.

He will be missed. But I know, that his mom, dad and his brother were there waiting for him with open arms.

It brought a smile to my face, because, I know there is going to be a party in heaven with all of them together.

My prayers are with my Primos, the Mosqueda family.

Love y’all.

Side note:

I noticed in the picture, in the lower right hand corner, those are my brother, Joe’s fingers. Raymond and him had a big feud (fun feud) regarding some comic books and if they were given to him or if he was supposed to borrow them only. The last time I saw Raymond, he mentioned those comic books again… 30+ years after it happened.

Good times, good memories.


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