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In Time

I saw this on Facebook and it hits the nail on the head on how I am feeling. 

Still freaks me out when I see things like this right when I’m thinking it. 


These next three months are tough for me. 


  • My mom’s birthday
  • Thanksgiving


  • My birthday 
  • Christmas 
  • New Year’s


  • Anniversary of my mom’s death

All this without my mom and brother, Joe. 

It’s been a couple of years since my mom died. But I think of her all the time. And Joe has to not been gone for a little over a year. Lately, I’ve caught myself wanting to text him or tell him about something funny I saw or read. 

I’m sure there will be a time when I will enjoy these three months, but right now, it’s not. 

So I will do my best to enjoy myself. Enjoy the time I spend with family and friends. And wait till the pain lessens. 


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